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Encounters With Danger
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? Release Date: 2009
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Burning Palms
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The Beautiful Outsiders
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encounter with danger premier!!!
finally encounter with danger on youtuve.com!
Nov. 20: Shannen Doherty is now in Dublin, the actress visited the longest in the world television show called The Late Late Show. She looked very good. Hopefully, soon we will see a video interview. In the morning the same day Shannen and Kurt walked around Dublin, and smoking. Very cool to Shannen boots. Enjoy .
November 20th Shannen & Kurt out and about in Dublin

Arrives at Dublin "'The Late Late Show' [20th November ]


November 19: Shannen Doherty arrived in Dublin, Ireland. The purpose of the visit of the actress in the foggy Albion, meeting with fans, to be held November 28-29 in London. Paparazzi made some photos, when Shannen arrived at a nightclub Lillies Bordello.

November 19th Shannen at Lillies Bordello in Dublin


Its really good video Shannen speaks how she spend her day and there is Shannen on main stage talking to the crowd.



Shannen Doherty attends the Disneyland Magic Christmas in Paris .

November 07th: Shannen on her way to Paris Disnayland

November 08th: Shannen Doherty at Paris Airport Charles De Gaulle

Disneyland Paris Magic Christmas Season Launch Photocall [ 07th November]

Disneyland Paris Magic Christmas Season Launch [ 07th November ]

November 7: Today is the beginning of the loud celebration of Christmas at Disneyland Paris. This is a very beautiful ceremony, which takes place every year. From November 7 to November 9, everyone who came to Disneyland Paris, take part in this ceremony. This year, Disney has chosen a special guest for the opening of the festival - the actress Shannen Doherty. In the evening came, came a dress rehearsal of the ceremony of lighting Christmas tree in Town Square, a beautiful and very funny Shannen Doherty, in the company of Mickey and Mini Mouse, shake hands and communicate with children in person.  


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